Jan 17 2011

Hello Germany, Hello Bandcamp


Just a quick note here to say a couple of things…

• First, thank you DJ Ottic for playing Number Prophets songs “An American Dream” and “We Have No Answer” on the Alooga Boom Radioshow, broadcasting from Sinzig, Germany. Number Prophets are delighted and grateful to be gracing your playlists.

• Second, for anyone DJ Ottic may have reached in Deutschland, “hello Germany!” Number Prophets are delighted and grateful to have you as listeners.

• Third, we are now on Bandcamp. If you don’t know, it’s a great way for us to get our music to you, without any middlemen. You can stream all of the songs from our album “Simple Songs For Dangerous Times” in their entirety, and if you’d like you can buy the album as a download in just about any high-quality format you can imagine, or buy the actual CD (which includes the downloads so you don’t have to wait!) directly from us. We get almost all of the money, unlike outfits like CDBaby or iTunes, and the whole Bandcamp community is just plain good. We’re really excited about doing even more with Bandcamp in the future.


Jan 7 2011

Woefully Tardy – pix from Soundwave


December 14, 2010, we shared a stage with our friends Roshon (from Oakland) and Speak Friend (from Livermore) over at Soundwave Studios. The intimate setting made it a special and fun event.

Jan 7 2011

Long overdue – pictures from The Hive


Back in December we played at uber-indie Mission “venue” The Hive. It was fun fun fun until the cops came!

Nov 15 2010

Debris from the show at Hotel Utah 12-Nov-2010


Thanks to everyone who came out to Hotel Utah last Friday.  We had a lot of fun playing for you, hope you enjoyed the show!  Here’s a few pieces of debris to remember the evening by…

Nov 4 2010

Number Prophets at Hotel Utah: Friday November 12, 9pm


Hey – we’ve got a show! Friday, November 12 we’ll be taking the stage at the Hotel Utah, in support of our friends Pebble Theory and headliners Heart Touch. Come out and see some rock and roll!

Oct 20 2010

Gettin’ some play in the UK – Off The Chart Radio


Number Prophets are honored for our music to be featured on “The Biggest Unsigned Music Show on the Radio” this weekend.  This Saturday between 4-7 pm on www.offthechartradio.co.uk the Jay Adkins NUA Show will be playing some tunes from our CD “Simple Songs For Dangerous Times.”  He’s got a great playlist this week, and podcasts of the whole 31-song program will be available for download for 14 days after the show airs, at: www.nuashow.podomatic.com.  You can also subscribe to the Jay Adkins NUA Show on iTunes, and you’ll automatically get the podcast.

So tune in on Saturday, subscribe to Jay’s show on iTunes and/or download the podcast!

Off The Chart Radio logo

Sep 15 2010

Billboard Magazine honors Number Prophets


So… it turns out we entered the song “We Have No Answer” in the 17th Annual Billboard Magazine World Song Contest.  Who knew?  The kind folks over at Billboard were impressed enough to give us an Honorable Mention, an award that came with a certificate that is clearly suitable for framing.  Thank you, Billboard!  Wait, that sounds more sarcastic than it should, but we really mean it: thank you, Billboard!

Aug 6 2010

About the lineup: third time’s a charm


So here we are at the beginning of August and it looks like we finally have a stable lineup.  We were sad to hear that our drummer and friend John Lakian would be leaving us to focus on his acting career.

But we were not deterred.

That same day Jay Friedman, who had joined us on bass, decided that he would play the drums and we could bring in his old buddy and former band-mate Casey Occhialini to play the low notes.

We’ve been playing like this for a few weeks now, and it sounds like it’s gonna work out.  We’ve been working up a set with an eye towards playing our first show sometime in September.  So stay tuned…

Apr 25 2010

About the lineup, part deux


Number Prophets would like to welcome Jay Friedman and John Lakian, who have joined up to play bass (and more) and drum, respectively.  And they can sing, too!  We’re woodshedding for another month and a half or so, so look for a San Francisco show sometime in June.  We’re working on new songs for a 6-song cycle  we’re calling Permanent Markings, but more on that later.

Mar 17 2010

A video for “We Have No Answer”


The formidable Greg Killmaster has put together a powerful, moving, heavy, disturbing video for the song “We Have No Answer”, for which we are infinitely grateful.  There are some graphic scenes here, but what did you expect?  It is a video for a song about war.  And war is killing.  War is destruction.  War is a racket.  War is hell.  Thank god I’ve never had to be in one, directly.  But we should all remember what war means.  After all, as of this writing there’s plenty of wars going on around the world, and we’re still fighting two of them.

Viewer discretion advised.

The song is from our album Simple Songs for Dangerous Times, which you can purchase from CD Baby or download from some of those links on the right over there.

Mar 17 2010

About the lineup…


Who’s in this band, anyway?  We know for certain that Mars is the sole remaining Number Prophet from the days of the debut LP.  And at this point we know for certain that guitarist extraordinaire Jarvis is a Number Prophet, even if he must fly with just one wing for a time.  What is somewhat less certain is the rhythm section (a lesser term than is called for here, since “rhythm section” actually means “the very spine of the band”).  Great Fortuna appears to have smiled, though, by sending us ex-Society of Rockets drummer John Lakian (who also has a great set of pipes), and the final piece may be falling into place right now, in the form of Christina Michelle (miraculously recruited via Craigslist) on bass guitar, vocals, visual mayhem and general bad-assery.

It is of course too soon to tell whether there are, in fact, four actual Number Prophets at the moment, but things seem to be pointing in that direction…  Color us hopeful.

Mar 17 2010

Simple Songs for Dangerous Times


Combining classic songcraft with urgent lyrics and a fearless, genre-hopping musicality, Number Prophets’ debut LP “Simple Songs for Dangerous Times” has been described as one of the great (and unsung) rock records of the new millennium.

Simple Songs for Dangerous Times album cover

San Francisco songwriter Mark Erickson hastily assembled the original lineup, an eclectic band consisting of jazz drummer extraordinaire Micha Patri (leader of Berkeley’s eclectic Wailing Junk Symphony) and rock solid bassist Peter Canton (East Bay Wrecking Crew, student of Carole Kaye), augmented by the lush, soulful harmonies of Lisa Redfern and Nicole Summerwood.  With drummer Miles Loretta (Rosavelt, Time Easton, Zero 1) enlisted to co-produce, the band soon found themselves tracking at Oakland’s New, Improved Recording, with studio owner Eli Crewes (Beulah, Deerhoof, Errase Errata) capturing everything to a few recycled reels of 24-track 2” tape.

The results?

“Brilliant, just brilliant!” exclaimed Grammy-winner and industry legend Narada Michael Walden after hearing lead single “We Have No Answer” at a West Coast Songwriters screening.  Throughout these 10 songs, the band morphs effortlessly from huge rocking riffs to soulful alt-country tinged ballads, bluesy dust-ups to stadium anthems and wistful modern rockers.  It is all rock and roll, fresh yet familiar and loaded with hooks.

“I wrote these songs while the world was slipping into chaos, when everything was getting worse by the day,” explains Erickson.  “People were thinking this could be ‘it’, whatever that might mean.  But as long as there have been civilizations, we have been living in dangerous times.  It’s like they say, every generation seems to think it is the last, but I bet a newspaper from the latter days of Rome or even the height of any dynasty would have basically the stories as last week’s Economist or yesterday’s New York Times: war, greed, injustice, suffering.  These songs try to confront all of that head on, and hopefully offer, well, some kind of hope.”

Fans say:

  • I keep hearing more with every listen
  • Dark, brooding social commentary without going all emo… both stark and lush
  • A must-hear

Nov 29 2009

Review by Hybrid Magazine


Hybrid Magazine reviews the record, and other tasty treats
May 1, 2009

“Heavy, soulful psychedelic rock… Dangerously good”
- Max at Hybrid Magazine
“Fulfilling the promise Kings of Leon pissed away”
- Clarence at Hybrid Magazine

Read it all at Hybrid Magazine